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We specialize in products made of gabbro-diabase, however we produce any kind of products, raw materials and blocks of other Karelian granite rocks. Our close relations with other quarries, allows us to provide a good price for products and the convenience of ordering all products at one place.

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Granite Gabbro Diabase

Color: Black

Type of rock: diabase. Description: a dense, strong, homogeneous rock, uniformly colored in black, preserves its artistic properties and polishing quality longer than any known rock.

Physical and mechanical properties: bulk density, kg/m3 3070; Compressive strength, MPa 311; Water absorption,% 0,1; Frost resistance of 100 cycles; Durability, g / cm2 0.07; Radioactivity - up to 300 becquerels / kg.

Usage: funeral arrangements, socles, used as a stone for stoving in baths and saunas, for the production of road block stone (paving blocks, borders, tiles).



Сопка Бунтина гранит Карелия sopka buntina granite

Sopka Buntina

Color: Dark black and green

Type of rock: green pyroxenite Description: dark green-black color, coarse-grained structure, massive porphyry texture.

Physical and mechanical properties: bulk density, 3120 kg/m3; water absorption,% 0,17; Compressive strength, 58-201 MPa; Durability, g / cm2 0,24; Radioactivity 10 bec/kg.

Usage: External cladding (facades, stairs, porches, socles), paving, urban development, road construction, parapets; ritual monument product. Internal cladding: walls, stairs, floors, including bathrooms and kitchens.



Гранатовый амфиболит гранит в Карелии оптом granite amfibolit karelia

Garnet amphibolite - Nigrozero

Color: brown-red, black-brown-red.

Type of rock: garnet amphibolite. Description: polychrome coloring (alternation of black and white specks, white and black-red), structure from fine to medium-grained, texture massive, striated, spotty, curved.

Physical and mechanical properties: bulk density, 2670 kg/m3, water absorption,% 0.30, compressive strength, 175-180 MPa, durability, g/cm2 0.30

Usage: Countertops, facing fireplaces, window sills, decorative elements, floor tiles and wall cladding panels, manufacturing steps.



Гранит Калгуваара от производителя в Карелии ООО "Карельский Габбро-Диабаз" granite kalguvara

Granite Kalguvara

Color: gray-pink, dark red

Type of rock: granite. Description: The color gamut of the basic background of granite varies from pink and red-pink to black-gray. The structure is medium-grained, heterogeneous.

Physical and mechanical properties: bulk density, 2750 kg/m3, compressive strength, MPa 120, porosity, % 0,25, water absorption,% 0,42, durability, g/cm2 0,14, frost resistance, Р 50, radioactivity 205 bec/kg.

Usage: monuments and ritual products, for facing facades, socles, embankments, entrance groups; for paving areas, improvement of urban areas.



Дымовский гранит оптом в Карелии dymovskoe baltic granite


Color: dark brown.

Type of rock: granite. Description: The structure of granite is medium-grained, heterogeneous. The color is non-uniform, there are lighter veins, heterogeneous and multidirectional.

Physical and mechanical properties: bulk density, 2710 kg/m3; water absorption,% 0,14, compressive strength, MPa 175; porosity, % 1,7; durability, g/cm2 0,41; frost resistance, 50.

Usage: Paving of areas and use in urban design, the manufacture of granite parapets and embankments, ritual products, exterior cladding, the manufacture of steps and details of the porch, basements.



Малиновый кварцит в Карелии купить оптом quartzite granit russia

Crimson Quartzite

Color: pale red with white patches

Type of rock: quartzite. Description: dense, strong breed, resistance to external aggressive influences, operation in high temperature conditions.

Physical and mechanical properties: bulk density, 2630 kg/m3; compressive strength, MPa 250; water absorption,% 0,015; frost resistance, 100 cycles; durability, g/cm2 0,042; Radioactivity 63 bec/kg.

Usage: ritual products, plinths, cladding, used as a stone for stove-heaters in baths and saunas, for paving squares, sidewalks and walkways.


If you did not find the products or granite rock you need, please contact us, we work with all kinds of granite deposits in Karelia. Under the order, we will execute any products, send us an application and we will make a calculation and will contact you as soon as possible.

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